Note-taking for the organised

Taking notes made more efficient.

There are a lot of note-taking apps out there that promise to be the whole package but often miss the mark in one place. Sometimes they lack a crucial functionality, which often leads to the use of another app. After trying a countless amount of note-taking apps that get it wrong, I have started experimenting with solutions that I would like to see being implemented. This experiment has lead to the concept note-taking app called ‘Noot’. The goal of Noot was to create a time-efficient note-taking experience, with special attention to reachability of the most used controls within the ‘thumb zone’.


How it works...


Create fast notes in seconds without entering the app
Compact rich content that expands when required
Filters to keep all the notes organised in one place
Gestures to delete, archive, reschedule and move notes

Designed with the iPhone X in mind.
The iPhone X’s most standout feature is its big screen with the gesture-based navigation, which Noot celebrates thoroughly. The lack of navigation buttons in the app help create even more space for the app’s content and speed up the note-taking process as the gesture controls can be accessed within the ‘thumb zone’.


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