Attracting a younger audience

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Stuck on previous achievements.

The investment company behind Zalando (Kinnevik AB's CEO) believes that despite their shortcomings as a profitable enterprise it nevertheless remains the European leader in its field. This confident statement translates throughout Zalando’s inconsistent design language, which is surprising for an e-commerce company of their size. As a young customer, I find myself not being included in their demographic as their online experience feels quite outdated. With newcomers like the online fashion store ‘Asos’, Zalando would require an updated online experience to keep up with the innovative competitors. I have made a concept re-design of what I imagine Zalando could be doing to become one of the cool kids (again).
Moving content and large imagery
Interactive product images
Large photos without having to zoom

Cohesion between platforms
In 2017, nearly 70% of traffic on Zalando came from mobile devices. This growth in traffic has lead Zalando to create a complete new user experience on their mobile app. However, the mobile app experience is not in line with the current desktop and mobile website, leading to a conflicted brand language. In this concept redesign, the experience remains the same on any platform.
Design process...
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